STRATEGIECS Think Tank aspires to be among the world's leading and most influential centers for strategic studies in analyzing global trends and shaping the course of developments, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region, seeking to foster the notion of regional stability.


STRATEGIECS Think Tank develops research and strategic studies in security, economics, and foreign policy in the world, and particularly the Middle East and the Arab region, seeking to provide a comprehensive perspective on the ongoing challenges by transforming political ideas, proposals, and recommendations into implementable projects that benefit all involved parties. The center presents viable insights and strategic solutions through its mission of institutionalizing the research activity in the field of strategic studies. The center also aims to examine the trends in global and regional events and the region's international relations, in addition to tracking interactions and developments and assessing the resulting relations and geopolitical shifts; this enables constructing forward-looking scenarios through which decisions makers and experts around the world would be able to adopt sound decisions and stances to achieve the desired political, economic, and development goals. Strategic studies in development field help in attaining these goals as well as assessing and examining the available investment opportunities.