Our initiative to establish and launch STRATEGIECS Think Tank stems from the region’s pressing need to institutionalize the research activity in the field of strategic studies, seeking to create in the near future a scientific and practical decision-making process that is founded on strategic thinking and planning. This enables constructing future scenarios to better navigate the challenges and consequences brought by the regional shifts, their outcomes, and their repercussions at all strategic levels.

Governments or market-driving economic institutions should not consider research centers and think tanks as an intellectual luxury, but rather a pressing necessity that is equally important as schools, universities, and educational institutions. In fact, strategic studies and research centers play an influential and effective role in certain countries.

Therefore, STRATEGIECS Think Tank aims at studying the trends in global and regional events as well as the region's international relations, in addition to tracking interactions and developments to better assess the resulting relations and geopolitical shifts.

The center also focuses on specialized economic studies, exploring and evaluating available investment opportunities, and conducting studies related to the development of Arab communities. This is achieved through building partnerships with other regional, Arab, and international research centers and universities to exchange knowledge, expertise, and relevant analyses and studies, eventually supporting the scientific research in the Arab region.

The think tank also seeks to enrich the Arab library with a series of books and studies on the region's political and economic future and current situation, stimulating openness to various societies by translating Arabic studies into a different language, in addition to translating the works of other research centers and universities into Arabic. Moreover, the center will develop annual comprehensive assessments of the strategic environment as well as the regional and international transformations using an advanced forward-looking model in line with the latest international practices.

We hope for stability to prevail in the Middle East and for people in the region to enjoy a decent life, away from the sorrows of war and the aftermath of destruction and disruption.